Monday, May 4, 2020

Top 3 Best Power Bank In India under Rs 1000 in May 2020!!

Best Power Bank under Rs 1000

A power bank is a kind of mobile accessory that has become an integral part of our life mainly because of the reason that it helps keep our mobile phones and other important devices charged on the go. Power banks come in numerous capacities, palette of colors and with multiple charging points from popular consumer electronics brands such as Mi, Syska , Ambrane .

1. Mi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i( Black) with 18W Fast Charging

Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 2i is a portable powerhouse that offers dual USB output with two way fast charging and also ensures that your device charge quickly. Mi 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i delivers an innovative design, excellent quality and high output capacity.

1. Dual USB output i.e. that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.
2. 18W Fast Charging:- THE new Mi 10000mAh Power Bank 2i comes with two ways charging and also support 18W fast charging. It supports different charging outputs that ensures fast and efficient charging of your device.
3.Feels Exceptional in Hand:- Aluminium Alloy Case gives a perfect textured finish to the Power Bank.
4. More Efficient- Compatibility extends to 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A charging which allows you to charge your  most of the device like earphones, smartphones and tablets.

2. Syska Power Port100 L1002J 10000mAH Lithium-Ion Power Bank 

Syska Power Port 100 comes with a huge battery capacity of 10,000 mAh which provides multiple charges for your device on a single charge. This device supports three USB ports that allow you to charge three devices simultaneously. Syska had kept safety as a priority while designing this power bank and that’s why it comes with
precise IC protection. 

1. Three USB output i.e. that allow you to charge three devices simultaneously.
2. Light Weight:- This power bank comes with 281 grams which ensures that this is easy to carry.
3. LED Torch:- Syska Power Port 100 comes with LED Torch which is very helpful for you.

3. Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power bank is a perfect backup source of power for your smartphone and gadget etc.This power bank has a small-sized high-density polymer battery. It has Dual USB Inputs of the combined rating of 5V / 2.1A – one with Micro USB Port and the other one with Type C Port and Dual USB A Ports.

1. Durable 10000mAh Polymer Battery:- This polymer battery has high efficiency and charging conversation rates. The battery is more durable, reliable and safer.
2. Lightweight and compact design:- Ambrane power bank is ultra-slim, compact in size and lightweight. It can be easily carried in pockets or hold in the hands.
3. LED charging indicator:- This power bank comes with LED charging indicator that indicates about the power left in the power bank. LED indicator shows battery level or accurate information anytime.

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